Keyboard and Synth Repairs

John Leimseider has over 30 years of experience repairing keyboards, shop synths, and other musical electronics. John currently works restoring antique instruments at the National Music Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, collects vintage synths and keyboards for fun, and repairs keyboards for some of the world’s largest touring bands.

Services offered:

  • Analogue and digital synth repairs
  • Effects pedals/Effects units repairs
  • Electric pianos
  • Warranty repair for Access, Kemper, and Tom Oberheim products (for Canada only)

Contact John to begin a conversation and get a quote.

  • Ashley Lamothe

    Hi John!
    My name is Ash. I live in Saskatoon. I have a roland Jupiter 8 in need of repair. The lights all come on but there is no sound. Just curious if there’s a way to get it to you for repair or if you know of anyone around Saskatoon qualified to repair it. Thank you!

  • Bubba Jones

    John did a fantastic job bringing my Jupiter 4 back to life and into the future with the addition of the MIDIolis Io! I’m a fan.

  • Gerry Wolfe

    John, I have a Rhodes 73 suitcase that needs a bit of work. It is missing two pickups and someone adjusted so that two keys share a single pickup?

    I have replacement pickups. Also just a quick once over would be appreciated. The piano is in nice shape. Noticed the pedal sounds loud when disengaged. Might bed a leather pad. Can you help? I can drop off the unit to wherever you would like.


  • Dominic Wong

    My name is Dominic, I’m in Calgary and have a Roland KR4500 and one of the keys ( A in the middle section ) produce a double sound when hit once. Just wonder if this can be fixed or not.

  • Gerry Wolfe

    Morning and Happy Easter. Not wanting to do business today but finally found your name again and I’d drop you alone.

    John I spoke with you some time ago needing some pickups (3) replaced on a 73 key suit case Rhodes in mint shape but needing also a minor tuning. I have the right pickups and thin wire for the parallel series solder. You had just had surgery when we spoke. I got your name from Mike Little who I used to teach years ago.

    Can you do this? I can drop it off at your convenience and hoist it on your bench etc or off it.
    I will also bring the suitcase bottom as well.

    I can try the repairs myself but because it’s so mint I am a bit apprehensive and would like a master like you to do it if at all possible.

    Please call me at 403.262.4622

    Other contacts:
    403.861.8172 C

    Gerry Wolfe,Calgary