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  • Michelle Bell

    Hello John,
    My name is Michelle. I have a memorymoog synth in need of repair. i have recently had the power supply changed (the capicitors were bulging) by a fellow in my home town who does electronic repairs. The problem with the unit is that is does not stay in tune. auto tune says 0, sometimes 3, rarely says 6. When you look abit deeper…it says ocillator 1 dead.

    I live in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, but we will be in the Calgary area july 10-17…then will be in calgary again on the 24th. Just wanting to get an idea of how much this could potentially cost to be repaired. And it looks like you are the guy to talk to!!

    Looking forward to hearing for you.
    Michelle Bell

  • Debbie Clark

    Please forgive me if this is not your area of interest but I am not sure where to go with this. I have an electric piano which is precariously attached to its legs which, in turn, have been smashed and broken with bits missing ( teenage boys I fear are responsible although I have no idea how). It is all rather unsafe. Please could you guide me how to get this all repaired? there is nothing wrong with the piano part itself
    thank you fro any advice here


  • Sarah Espeonite

    Hello there, I recently moved to my new place and my things were in the laundry room when I had to get the gas turned on and someone placed my Roland on its side… well the tech and I tried to move the piano so he could get to the furnace and it fell because of how heavy it was. It landed in a normal position with the keys up but I grabbed the cable to check if it was alright and of course my piano friend got hurt and doesn’t turn on… If there’s some way you could check and see if its salvageable, I would be most grateful.